Beauty's Secret Weapon: 3 Easy Tips For Using Plant Oils In Your Skincare Routine

Although skincare's secret weapon isn't so secret anymore, I find that many are still reluctant to use plant oils as part of their beauty routine.  I get it; it seems counter intuitive to put oils on the skin as many falsely believe they are occlusive, will clog pores or leave a slick shiny appearance to the skin.  While this can be true for certain oils, it's just not the case for most plant oils; especially those used in the skincare industry.

This is not a trend for us. Before starting Lucabello, plant oils were my secret weapon because they weren't quite mainstream yet. I've incorporated them into my skincare for years and let me tell you, although I'm not a millennial, I'm often mistaken for one... I'll take that!  Below I share with you my 3 easy tips on how and why to use plant oils as part of your beauty routine.  Trust me, once you try them, you'll be hooked! 

1. Beauty Oils Have a Better Absorption Rate Than Creams or Lotion:  Let's just start with what everybody's thinking. But contrary to popular belief, most plant oils just do not clog pores. Because their molecular structure is so close to the natural oil of our skin, they're easily absorbed and start providing nutritive value right away.  When using a product formulated purely of oils, the active ingredients don't have to compete with fillers, which can lead to them essentially sitting on top of the skin.  Furthermore, most serums are blended with the fragrant component of plants known as essential oils. These precious oils do more than add scent; each provides therapeutic properties to enhance the effectiveness of the serum.  

2. All Skin Types Can Benefit From Beauty Oils:  That's right - Anybody can use beauty oils, even combo or oilier visages.  The key here is choosing the right oil for your skin type and how you're going to use it. When using oils for the body, you really can't go wrong with what's available on the market with the exception of mineral oil. Petroleum based products are occlusive and can lead to clogged pores over time. Here's a quick breakdown for what to look for: 

Normal, Oily or Combo Skin: You'll want a fast absorbing oil that you can use day or night without worrying about extra oiliness. The best ones to use are Marula, Argan, Pomegranate and the latest newcomer, Chia Seed.  During the day, you'll want to use only a few drops and massage in with fingertips.  

Dry or Sensitive Skin: These skin types can get away with using richer oils that are higher in Omega or Essential Fatty Acids because they need a little extra protection and hydration. Excellent choices are: Rosehip Seed, Avocado, and Hemp Seed. If your skin is extremely dry, use a little more at night, after sun and in extreme cold conditions. 

Blemished Skin: Blemished skin typically has a tendency to be irritated and sensitive.  Plant oils can actually help with this because most have anti-inflammatory properties.  If your skin is blemished from an over-production of it's own natural oil, than plant oils will actually help to balance it out. Plus, the vitamin content helps to heal current breakouts and scarring. Great ones to try are Pumpkin Seed, Pracaxi Seed, Hemp Seed, and Jojoba.  

3.  How to Incorporate Oils Into Your Skincare Routine: Adding a beauty oil to your skincare routine is simple!  Most facial oils or serums can be used as your stand-alone moisturizer.  And again, the rule is that a little goes a long way. Simply add a few drops to your fingertips and massage in.  If you're hesitant about trying an oil serum for the first time, than I would suggest using it at night after cleansing - you'll see and feel the difference in the morning.  *note: You can also use a little more at night while you sleep and your skin is in repair mode.  Another way to use them is to add a couple drops to your face moisturizer if you prefer using a lotion or cream. Beauty oils also are also excellent for under eye care.  This delicate part of our face has a tendency to be drier because it has less oil glands.  Because this area can be more sensitive, beauty oils are less likely to cause any irritation because they don't contain chemicals. When applying under the eyes, use your ring fingers (adds less pressure) and massage from the outside corner in.  

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