What is Multi-functional Skincare, Anyway?

Multi-functional.  Not a term you hear often when referring to skincare products. But if you're anything like me, you need everything to serve a functional purpose, even your beauty routine. I manage a household, raise a creative soul (i.e. my beautiful son), juggle a career while starting a business from grass roots, and on top of all that, try to feed my free spirit in the precious time leftover.  

So when I first had the vision for Lucabello, it was all about creating natural products that were actually effective - check.  Then, it turned into creating products that complimented my lifestyle, that so many of you also live. Let's face it - being a modern, urban city dweller, we like (need) things to do the job we expect them to, while adding simplicity and ease to our busy lives.  And, Viola! The concept for Lucabello was born.

Multi-functional skincare means that 1 product can serve many purposes or be used in a variety of ways that meets your needs.  It also means that a particular product can address your aesthetic concerns (i.e. give you glowing skin) while simultaneously correcting the physiologic causes like dehydration, sun damage, sensitivity, and the changes associated with aging. 

Our approach isn't a one-size-fits-all concept.  While most of our products can be used for a majority of skin types & concerns; it's more about using it in a way that works for you.  Here's some examples of the multi-functionality of Lucabello products. Have questions or comments? We'd love to discuss them with you in the comment section below. 

Ganja Luxe Organic Hemp Seed Oil Cleanser: This special cleanser can be used by following the traditional Oil Cleansing Method of massaging into skin then removing with a towel soaked in the warmest water your skin can tolerate. But because it contains coconut derived surfactants, it also has a light foaming action for a quick cleanse and rinse.  Alternatively, it is also a makeup remover; even waterproof!  Simply massage into skin with hands or wipe with a towel, tissue, or cotton pad. After using, you will notice that your skin is perfectly cleansed and the moisture barrier still intact - this means that some skin types (typically oilier) may not even need to moisturize after.  This cleanser is also recommended for anyone experiencing heavy sun exposure, chemical or laser skin treatments.  Also excellent to cleanse & treat sensitive areas on the body resulting from eczema or psoriasis. 

Elixir 1 - Protect + Firm Facial Hydrate: In a traditional skin routine, this would be referred to as a toner, but Elixir is so much more than that!  It's an antioxidant, firming and hydrating treatment. Meant to be misted onto skin after cleansing than followed by a serum, this multi-tasking facial spray can also be used as your moisturizer.  Again, it's all about what your skin needs. If you tend to get oily or you're in a humid/tropical environment, shake well, then mist a good amount all over the face (with eyes closed), then massage in. Elixir can also be used throughout the day to refresh the skin and can even be used to freshen & your hair! 

Daily Mantra 1 - Marula Facial Oil: If you haven't experienced the benefits of using oils for beauty, than do your skin a huge favor...trust me, you won't want to go back and we have Minis for first-timers! The DM facial oil serum is your moisturizer and anti-aging treatment.  It only takes a small amount to make a world of difference.  However, when I'm doing a facial massage before bed to manipulate the muscles (more on that in another post) or had excessive sun exposure, I use a bit more.  If you have a favorite cream that you just can't give up, but want to give it a boost, add a few drops to it.  I also use this on cuticles, chapped lips or any dry sensitive areas on the body.  

Hope this post helps on how to get the most from our 3 facial products, but if you have questions, we're here to help.  And if you have other examples of how Lucabello works for you, please share!