We Believe Beauty Is A Lifestyle That Goes Beyond The Superficial


                     Our Journey

The vision for Lucabello started back when natural products were considered alternative and not widely available in the mainstream market place. The goal: to provide effective, safe and natural beauty solutions without compromising quality or luxury. It was then that our founder went to work researching ingredients, physiology of the skin and the chemistry behind how product formulations impact a positive change to our skin's function & appearance.

During this time she also discovered that like her, the modern consumer wants simplicity. Overly complicated routines, marketing jargon and products packed with inactive fillers won't do much for the skin. But thoughtfully prepared formulas of nutrient rich ingredients will. We invite you to join us on this journey and experience a realistic approach to attaining healthy & radiant skin that's backed by science; built by nature. 

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Our Formulas

Every product is formulated with a results-driven, minimalistic approach. Why? Because a long ingredient list doesn't equal effectiveness. In fact, the way our skin is designed, it can only absorb or accept a limited amount of topical ingredients at a given time. Our skin's primary function is to protect us by keeping things out! This is why we keep our formulas simple by choosing active ingredients that garner the most impact for immediate results.  

Our 1st collection is created with an Anti-aging focus and ideal for most skin types; including sensitive. Each product delivers potent antioxidants, moisturizers and regenerating actives to combat the environmental assault we face on a daily basis. With routine use of our facial essentials, you will see a noticeable change with most primary concerns such as fine lines, discoloration, excessive dryness or oil and sensitivity.  



Ingredients With Integrity

You will find that our formulas do not contain filler ingredients; only those that are selectively chosen for their therapeutic benefit to the skin, each serving a specific purpose. Unlike many other products, we do not use water as a base...instead, we formulate with plant distillates to further enhance the therapeutic qualities. 

  •  Always Found In Nature & Sustainably Sourced
  •  Organic Focused On Market Availability 
  •  Free From Chemicals, Paraben Preservatives, Fillers and Water
  •  Cold-Pressed Plant Oils For Maximum Potency 
  •  Never Tested On Animals
  •  Vegan Friendly

To learn more about the ingredients we use and their therapeutic properties, click HERE. 

We Care About Sustainability

Like you, we understand the importance of protecting the most valuable resource we have. Respecting the Earth we live on is not just for us, but for generations to come.  Learn More about our commitment to Eco-Conscious living and our practices as a business.