Our Sustainability Practices

It Starts With Our Ingredients:  All of our products are formulated with natural ingredients with a focus on Organic options. Although Organic options aren't available for every ingredient yet, we only source from vendors who provide the purest, best quality of raw materials and adhere to environmentally conscious practices. 

Packaging: All of our product packaging is made from recyclable glass or PET.  Our labels are printed with plant-based ink containing lower VOC emissions than the traditional method. All shipping materials, are made from a minimum of 50% recycled materials. 

Suppliers:  We strive to lower our carbon emissions by working with vendors in close proximity to us. All of our packaging and a large majority of our raw material suppliers are either in our home state or nearby. In these efforts, we continually search for closer suppliers that are committed to the same standards and quality as we are. 

Life At Home: One of the easiest ways to living an eco-conscious lifestyle is by recycling the packaging of products we use on a daily basis.  This includes glass, papers and most plastics.  If unsure, look for the triangle recycle symbol embedded on the bottom of these items.  Energy conservation is also important:  Many states have now deregulated the monopoly of natural gas and electricity suppliers, allowing companies with more sustainable methods to offer the same service and typically at a lower cost - look for these alternatives in our home state!  Other lifestyle choices include shopping organic & locally grown foods, chemical-free household cleaners, and of course, natural + organic personal care products.