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luxuriously simple workout recovery for every athlete 

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create your own Active Recovery ritual

all natural | small batch| vegan friendly | cruelty free

detox bath salt for muscle recovery

Muscle Recovery Bath Soak

An ancient ritual for the modern athlete. Recharge tired muscles while soothing your skin and senses in a therapeuitic immersion of mineral rich epsom & dead sea salts, coconut, honey and essential oils. 

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magnesium oil spray

Magnesium Oil Spray

Wellness in a bottle. Discover why magnesium is known as the 'stress relief mineral' with our unique topical formula to help you recover faster from workouts, get your best sleep, and recharge for the day ahead.

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muscle rub body balm stick

Fit Stick Recovery Balm

Soothing relief for muscle soreness and dry or calloused skin. Features Arnica and essential oils for muscle recovery & organic shea butter and cold pressed plant oils for healthy skin repair. Conveniently designed to take and apply anywhere.

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Customer 💛 Love

The fit soak is my best friend on leg day or the day after leg day 😂 I think it makes my legs feel less jello-y.



I swear I have been getting better sleep since using this product before bed. I'm also waking up with less tension. I love this!



I often use Icy Hot or Bengay... not only does the FitStick smell better but I found much faster relief. I love applying this after my post-workout shower and before bed.



I have been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 11+years. Since using Fit Stick after training several times per week, I have noticed a substantial decrease in muscle soreness.



crush the workout, power your recovery

sore muscle relief powered by nature

every athlete deserves a recharge

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