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Restorative Rituals

For Your Active Life


holistic self care for body + mind

natural | organic | small batch | non toxic | cruelty free

Coconut + Sea Salt Body Scrub

Make any day feel like a spa day with our glow boosting scrub. Mineral rich dead sea salt and a nourishing blend of organic plant oils will leave your skin silky smooth, hydrated and irresistibly scented.


Muscle Relaxing Bath Salt

An ancient ritual for modern athletes powered by magnesium and essential oils. Slip into a restorative soak made to recharge fatigued bodies, soothe the skin and calm your senses.


Magnesium Oil Spray

Magnesium is our miracle ingredient for all things active recovery. Crafted with pure Zechstein magnesium for better sleep, less stress, and relief from muscle tension & soreness.


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Rosemary + Mint Fit Soak

Is pure heaven. It smells delicious and really helped the tightness in my muscles. The quality of  ingredients was noticeable right away. This is now a staple for me.



Fit Stick

It is amazing!! I use it on my shoulders my hips and knees. I get immediate relief that last. It works!! You will not be disappointed with the fit stick balm!



Magnesium Oil Spray

I swear I've been getting better sleep since using this product before bed. I'm also waking up with less tension. I love this!



I teach barre and my hamstrings get so incredibly sore. It instantly takes the edge off tenderness of the muscles and helps me sleep better at night. Simply an outstanding product!



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Benefits of Magnesium Oil for Sleep and Relaxation

The secret to better sleep is simple. Adding magnesium to  your routine is an easy way to achieve a naturally deeper, more restful sleep by reducing stress, tension and relaxing the muscles.
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How to Safely Use Essential Oils Around Your Pets

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