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Better Sleep Awaits with Magnesium Oil

Have you ever felt so sleepy you couldn’t stay awake, yet once you crawl into bed, your eyes stay wide open? Mind racing, thinking about tomorrow's to-do list, or that big meeting at work. Before you know it; you're counting down how many hours you have left to sleep.

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You're not alone! The daily stresses from our modern lives can cause our nervous system to go into overdrive, leading to that dreaded I word - insomnia. Our responsibilities and our hormones can play lots of tricks on the mind, leaving us feeling less-than-rested when the sun comes up.

There are many sleep tricks you can try, and likely, you’ve tried them all. Reading, powering down an hour before bedtime, yoga, and all that jazz are all well and good, but there is one thing that seems to be giving many active women & men the boost they need to get a deep and complete night’s sleep and wake up without feeling like a zombie.

Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil is nothing new, but it’s been getting loads of attention in the media lately. The reason? Most Americans are magnesium-deficient; in fact, over 60% of them are! This essential mineral is something most of us are lacking and without it, our bodies protest with aches, pains, fatigue, and of course, the inability to fall asleep and stay that way until it’s time to get up.

Natural alternatives like topical magnesium oil can provide you many benefits and balance your health. Here are just some of the things you’ll get out of it.

1. Relief from achy muscles and pains

Even if you warm up and cool down from your gym routine, your bound to get some aches and pains from your sore muscles. Magnesium helps you by soothing those muscle contractions and bringing balance to your calcium levels. It can ease the pain from an intense workout as well as from those pesky monthly cramps too.

2. Relieves stress and anxiety

That big presentation you have to give at work later this week is certainly anxiety-inducing. When you use magnesium oil though, it helps regulate your hormones to help you relax so you can take the power back.

3. Gives you energy

You’d think all the time you log working out would be enough to keep you energized, but when magnesium is missing from your life, it can affect your energy levels. By applying magnesium oil to your skin daily, you help your body activate enzymes that are responsible for creating cellular energy. You won’t feel fatigued anymore once you try it!

4. Keeps your heart healthy

And just so you know, that constant anxiety and stress is bad for your heart. By using magnesium oil, you help protect your heart from damage.

5. Gives you that good night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of

And finally, as mentioned earlier, magnesium oil is going to help you sleep. If you’ve tried melatonin and been disappointed, give magnesium oil a try. Simply spraying it on the bottom of your feet and abdomen helps calm your brain and puts a stop to all those racing thoughts you have that prevent you from sleeping well. 

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