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Coach Q&A: Eve Guzman - Beating a Lifetime of Obesity

When it comes to physical transformations, personal trainer & nutrition coach Eve Guzman is your go-to gal. Also known as the #HalfHerSize girl, this fit chick had enough after reaching an all time high of 277 pounds and wearing a size 24.

She's learned what it takes to beat a lifetime of obesity, starting her fitness journey after being fed up with being overweight and uncomfortable.

Like the rest of us, she’s had to overcome obstacles along the way. Although it wasn’t always easy, she’s mastered the principles it takes to succeed in keeping the weight off while living healthy, fit and happy. Alongside her husband, she shares that expertise by guiding other women & men on their transformation journeys through their fitness and nutrition business, G-Transformations.

We absolutely adore Eve and think you will too! Want to learn more about her?

Keep reading to see her responses to our rapid fire questions, along with a killer  workout for your next gym sesh. 

What inspired to become a personal trainer/coach and what is your area of expertise?

My area of expertise is macro based nutritional coaching. I became a coach after losing 140lbs and realized so many people needed my help to do the same.

Do you prefer cardio or weight training and why?

Weight training....higher metabolism and less metabolic adaptations, enhances my curves, keeps weight off longer, allows for consumption of higher calories and keeps my body fat lower.

What is your favorite training move and why?

Deadlifts. I love building my glutes.

Do you meal prep and if so, what are your go-to meals?

Yes- I love making homemade chiptole bowls.

What’s your favorite go-to cheat meal?

BJ's rootbeer glazed wings

What gets you pumped to workout on the days you’re not feeling it?


When you’re not training yourself or others, what’s your favorite way to relax?


What is your go-to for post workout recovery?

BPI BCAAS + a massage

What’s your best fitness tip?

Don't neglect weight training when trying to drop weight and fat. People think cardio is the way to go and then lift after they get to their goal. It's best to lift throughout your entire journey. Your body composition will be better and your results will be faster.

What advice would you give to a newbie in the gym?

No one is watching; believe me

Eve Guzman - G Transformations

Ready to take on a new challenge for your next workout? Eve shares one of her faves below:

4x10 Pause Squats

4x10 Sumo Deadlifts

4x10 Stiff leg deadlifts

4x10 Bulgarian split squats

4x10 Hamstring curls

4x10 Walking DB lunges

4x10 Hyperextension bench

Work with Eve: If you're ready to start your fitness transformation, visit her website G-Transformation Fitness or connect with her on IG: @Eve_FitChick

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