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Stay Strong: Tips for Coping with Stress During a Crisis

Just like that, we found ourselves dealing with what seems like an overnight crisis. Not just you or me, or someone you know, but all of us - together. Although we're not alone in this, we all respond to stress differently. Physical isolation is challenging enough to manage, not just for the way it changes our daily to-dos, but the fear and uncertainty can take a toll on our mental well-being. That’s why now, more than ever, it’s important to take care of ourselves - body and mind. 

At Lucabello, our philosophy is that self-care is not a luxury. It's important and an essential part of stress management. It's making sure you get what you need daily to feel okay! That's why I'm sharing a few simple effective tips for coping with stress that I'm finding helpful to maintain my sanity & well being. I hope they help you too during this stressful time.

  1. Limit information overload. Finding balance between staying informed and limiting media consumption is a personal preference, but be mindful that constant exposure to negative & fear driven information adversely overloads the psyche, putting the body in a continual state of stress response. It plays out in our subconscious which can affect sleep & mood, even when you’re not actively thinking about it. Eventually, it can overload adrenals, leading to inflammation & weakening of the immune system. If you find yourself feeling anxious, consider a digital detox. It doesn’t mean you have to go completely dark, but it’s OK to give your mind a break. I'm doing this by only listening to the news every few days. I trust that if there's a ground breaking update, I'll find out through family & friends. 
  2. Move your body w/physical exercise at least once a day. It’s the best natural mood booster! While we’ve temporarily lost our physical havens for that, most gyms and fitness studios are staying connected with their community by offering online or live streaming classes. There’s no shortage of virtual workouts, so take advantage! Even better if you can get outdoors for a walk, run, or patio workout. Nature is incredibly grounding and the fresh air will break up the monotony of cabin fever.
  3. Continue to fuel your body with nutritious meals. In times like these, it’s easy to resort to comfort eating & chuck all discipline out the window! But that doesn’t have to be the case. It’s especially important to continue consuming foods that boost our immune systems - not put it in overdrive. Thankfully, there's still access to healthy nutritious foods like fruits, veggies and herbs despite the shortages. Keep it fun and interesting by trying those new recipes you saved!
  4. Stay connected with friends and family. A common coping mechanism when feeling stressed is to retreat. And while it's okay to turn inward when you need to - we still thrive on connecting with those who ‘get’ us. Check-in on those you care about. Physical isolation doesn’t mean we can’t still be social, and we’ve got the technology at our fingertips to do it, so use it! 
  5. Love on yourself. First, give yourself grace no matter how 'well' you think you're responding to this. We're all navigating uncharted territory. Self-care is asking yourself what you need everyday to be okay, and making sure you get it. You can’t be strong for yourself or anyone else if you’re depleted. What things bring you joy, fill you up, or help you feel at ease that you can do at home?
Here’s a few ideas:
    • Nap if you need to. I'm serious - the current state we’re in is exhausting! If your mind & body feels like it needs to rest, then rest.
    • Have a spa day at home: give yourself a body scrub, don your favorite face mask, enjoy a hot bath soak to read, meditate or simply unwind and just be. 
    • Start or finish that book you’ve been excited to read.
    • Dust off the board games in the closet for family game night.
    • Learn that new skill you’ve been putting off for when you have the time. 
    • Start an indoor or outdoor garden - it can be whatever you choose; herbs, vegetables or beautiful flowers. If you have children, it’s a great activity to get them involved in. 
    • Tackle those home projects on the to-do list. Cleaning and organizing can be therapeutic. Since we're spending most of our time at home, ensure your space evokes a sense of calm, not chaos. 
    • Last, but certainly not least - have a dance party! Turn your favorite tunes on and rock out. I swear it works, every time:)

    I hope you find these suggestions useful not only in the coming days, but in times ahead. To help you create a relaxation ritual, we've taken 20% our Fit Soaks and shipping is on us for any size order! Want to surprise a friend? Gift cards are also available.


    *For medical specific information, we're turning to the health experts and encourage you to do the same by following guidelines & best practices from WHO, and of course your family physician. 

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