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The Fit Mom Gift Guide

It takes a lot of dedication to be committed to family and be a leading example of how to live a life of health & wellness. Moms are superheroes, period. Give her a gift that shows you honor her passion!

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we put together a thoughtful gift guide to help you narrow down that special something for your favorite fit mom. 

1.¬†Muscle Club Apparel ‚Äď Fitness gear to help her look and feel her best in the gym.¬†

Fit Mom Tank Topiron mom tank top


2. Fit Selection - Hand-crafted motivation to wear featuring precious metals like sterling silver, rhodium and gold.

dumbell bracelet




3. Swhey - Organic nutritional supplements for the everyday working women

Swhey body bundle


4. That Clean Life - Healthy meal planning made simple 


5. Senita Athletics - Founded by two mothers offering affordable and functional athletic clothing for women. Not sure what she'll like? Don't worry, they sell gift cards:)


When all else fails, don't feel bad about getting a gift card to a favorite place she shops - she'll appreciate that you pay attention to what's important to her. 

Moms - want to drop a hint about something you see here? Use the social share buttons to send a little nudge:)

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