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Sweat+Reset Workout Recovery Bundle

Sweat+Reset Workout Recovery Bundle

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Calming Essentials For Tired Bodies

Treat your body when you deserve relaxation most. Restore calm to aching muscles and an anxious mind with the Lucabello Sweat + Reset Trio. This collection has everything you need for relaxing at home rituals and on-the-go solutions whenever you need a restorative pick me up.

This trio makes a great gift for anyone who values relaxation as much as they do a hard earned gym session.


  • Relieves stress, tension and muscle soreness
  • Relaxes mind and body with essential oil aromatherapy
  • Calm muscle tension before and after workouts
  • Use as a reset and recharge rest day ritual
  • Travel friendly and easy to take on the go
  • Makes a great gift set_
  • All Lucabello products are natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free
woman doing a barbell squat. below the picture are icons representing product benefits.

The set includes a full size of each: Magnesium Oil Spray, Fit Soak Bath Salt & Fit Stick Recovery Balm. ($64 value)