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...meet our founder, Laura 

My fascination for healthy skin care started at a young age. I would watch my beautiful mother put on a full face of makeup just to leave the house regardless of the reason. I'm not anti-makeup by any means, but it sparked this desire of wanting to feel comfortable in my own skin - with our without it. The spark that led to my forever quest of healthier skincare & owning my confidence by taking care of my body & skin naturally. 

So naturally, I became an Esthetician! I trained in NYC and embarked on a fulfilling career there and later in Chicago with some of the most popular spas, where I helped women just like you re-discover how to feel happy, healthy and confident in their own skin. 

When it comes to healthy skin + fitness, my philosophy is keep it simple- why over complicate things? I’ve experienced life as a single mother, a wife, and know all too well the balancing act of prioritizing family and career while doing your best to live fit and healthy. After receiving such amazing feedback from offering the very same products I made for my own personal use, I decided to start Lucabello. The name, inspired by my son Lukas, means beautiful light, or as I like to say, the bearer of light and beauty. 

It’s my goal to help other women who prioritize their health and fitness, take a breather from their busy lives, by offering natural products that help them reset, relax and recharge with the confidence to conquer the day! Use them to create a spa experience at home or be that clutch fix when you’re on the go.

All of our products are hand crafted by me in northwest Indiana, using only clean, natural ingredients sourced from suppliers who practice sustainable methods. 

Thank you for supporting my small business!