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Keep Glowing Gift Set

Keep Glowing Gift Set

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Reveal Your Inner + Outer Glow From Head-To-Toe 

Be done with dull dry skin and reveal your natural radiance with our glow boosting body scrub and nourishing body oil. Then, indulge your sweet tooth & inner glow with the Glow chocolate bar by non-verbal. Crafted with single origin organic cacao infused with adaptogenic Chinese + Ayurvedic herbs.

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This set includes: 

  • 8 oz. Glow Hard Coconut + Sea Salt Body Scrub (scent profile: lemongrass, coconut + lavender)
  • 8 oz. Daily Mantra Nourishing Body Oil (scent profile: geranium, clary sage, citrus) 
  • Glow Herb Infused Chocolate Bar by non-verbal

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